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 Hospital & Clinic Construction

Construction of medical facilities demands specialized conditions: unique fire codes, HVAC requirements, Gauss line issues, and negative airflow all require careful attention and planning. Understanding the nuances of the particular construction specifications required of medical buildings, we utilize the combined command of all other areas of construction expertise to deliver the requirements necessary to complete your build. This allows ACM to help build our medical communities.

ACM Healthcare Project Examples
  • Saint Alphonsus |New Build, including NICU | Owner's Rep| Boise, Idaho
  • Independent Doctors of Idaho | Boise, Idaho
  • The Idaho Clinic Hip and Knee Replacement | Boise, Idaho
  • Physical Therapy of Idaho | Boise, Idaho
Our work speaks for itself.

We are based in Boise, ID, and offer our services nationwide. Contact us  or give us a call at (208) 286-1863 for more information today.
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